Aug 8, 2011

Critique winner, upcoming posts and bling

Thanks to all of you who commented and entered Becky's drawing for a free, ten page critique. The totally random winner is:


I know Becky will have fabulous advice!

The week ahead will be tres exciting (snuck a little high school French in there as I am wont to do in times of high excitement) because 1. on Wednesday, I am reviewing Libba Bray's Beauty Queens, which is so funny my throat is sore from snorting, 2. aspiring author Lisa Regan talks with me Friday about how she snagged her agent AND 3....wait for it...

Lisa's agent, Jeanie Pantelakis of Sullivan Maxx Literary Agency is sponsoring a 50-word Hook for Your Book contest!!!
*minor hyperventilation followed by chocolate intake*
This is for finished manuscripts only, in the mystery and thriller genres.
The contest begins this Friday so you have several days to get your editing groove on and buff up/spin down your hook to 50 soul-snagging words. When it's so shiny you need sunglasses to read it, head over to Lisa's blog and toss it into the comments. She'll have more details there. In her interview here, Lisa will share insider information tips on catching Jeanie's interest, or at least what worked for her. Be sure to check the Sullivan Maxx site as well, accessed by clicking on Jeanie's name. Contest deadline is August 19.

Thanks to Marcie for nominating me for the Liebster (aka newbie blogger) award. She's got an incredible tale of perseverance and pluck she's turning into a memoir. I can't wait to see it on the shelves!

Per the award guidelines, here are my nominees:

JJ DeBendicitis, aka Query Goblin. Check out her interview in this very blog and then go submit your query to her. She's a Mistress of Query Art.

Tracy Jorgenson, who is hosting a stupendously creative contest on her blog where she films a scene from your book! *blinking in awe* SOOO cool, words fail me.

Rebecca Hamilton who offers free editing on a regular basis on her blog, Free Editing for Writers (just so you get the drift right away). She's also very close to getting her MS published in a nontraditional way. Check out her author blog - linked from the site above - to read her story but I'll sum it up on one word: fearless.

The wondrous Taryn Albright
who puts my (former) 18 year-old self to shame. This girl writes, edits and blogs like a maniac. If I'd had an ounce of her gumption when I was her age, I'd be the freakin' president. Seriously. She's generous with her critiques so if you need a teen eye to assess your stuff, ask her. She works cheap. For now.

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Carrie Butler said...

Congrats, Larissa! :)

Another contest coming up already? You're such a motivator, Melodie! I love it. :D