Aug 27, 2011

Lindsay and Trisha, part deux!

I'm back again with the astonishing duo of Lindsay and Trisha, writing partners extraordinaire who, no doubt, will soon take the publishing world by storm! (You heard it here first folks.) Yesterday we learned how they met, how they work and revise together. Today we're covering what happened after the rough draft...

6. Your top three revision tips?

Lindsay: Trisha is the master at revisions so I’m taking this straight from her mouth. Read the suggested set of revisions. Walk away for a few days and let them simmer. Come back to the manuscript with fresh eyes before reworking. For the record, her process kicks all kinds of ass.

Trisha: That about sums it up, except for the copious amounts of wine. That and always ALWAYS save every version of your MS. You’d be surprised how many times you come back to the first, the second, heck even the tenth revision of a manuscript searching for that one line, that one scene that you want to put back in.

7. On your blog, you mention doing agent research. How much agent research do you do - did you cyber-stalk for weeks or just read their web site, or interviews like those on Literary Rambles?

Lindsay: Yes, we did a ton of research. Literary Rambles is awesome as well as sites like QueryTracker. And never underestimate the value of Twitter! Following agents you are interested in to watch for their personal tastes, wish-lists, and turnoffs is a great way to get to know who might be a good fit for your manuscript.

Trisha: No matter what avenue you take,, be sure to do your homework. Agents receive hundreds of queries a week so it is important to do your homework, make sure the MS/ genre you are querying them with is one they actually have interest in representing.

And don’t be afraid to query your top-five dream agents; you just may be surprised. We were!

I'm always amazed to hear from agents who give stats about how FEW of their queries actually follow the guidelines. *rolls eyes*

8. You had multiple offers. What was it about SILO that hooked them? (I'm sure it was the whole package but if you heard one thing continually from agents about what they loved, please share that.)

Lindsay: Our dystopian is unique – this is what we heard time and time again. It was grounded in reality, based on events that could happen today, tomorrow, or next year. It is also written from a male POV and explores the darker side of human nature. It was a combination of these things that attracted the agents, and fortunately, landed us the amazing Ginger Clark.

Trisha: Well, it was obviously my winning personality and Lindsay’s fabulous blog photo. Yeah, no. Silo is simply a unique take on a dystopian. Grounded in reality, written in the voice of our male MC, and set in a contemporary environment, it walks that fine line between complete fiction and oh crap, that could really happen.To me.Tommorrow!

I keep hearing how dystopian is so hot right now. Congrats on writing a great MS that's also timely! If only we could orchestrate timing like we can pace chapters...sigh.

Fast and furious five:

1. Dog or cat person
Lindsay: Dogs, dogs, dogs. Cats stare and freak me out.

Trisha: dog, although if mine continues to chew up the couch, I’m going to switch my answer to cat!

Yeah, that's why I'm a cat person. *stares creepily at Lindsay*

2.Song that gets stuck in your head most often.
Lindsay: Viva la Vida. I used to make fun of Coldplay, but I guess the joke’s on me now!

Trisha: Peter Gabriel – Salisbury Hill

That title Salisbury Hill makes me think of the song that gets stuck in my head: Scarborough Fair by Simon and Garfunkle. *hums the annoying tune* Crap!

3.Person you'd go back in history to meet.
Lindsay: I’d have to say Shakespeare. I was very influenced by his work in college and would love to know exactly who he was and how he came to write such amazing things.

Trisha: Seriously . . . Shakespeare? I guess I can see the draw. For me, probably Catherine the Great.

See folks? Writing partners can be different and still get along!

4. No. 1 thing on do-before-I-die list (non writing)
Lindsay: I’m not a big risk-taker so that takes parachuting, bungee jumping and virtually anything involving an early death out of the mix! I’d have to say traveling with my family. I love being in new places and seeing them through my kids eyes.

Trisha: I want to walk the great wall of China.

5. Best movie you've seen this summer.
Lindsay: Harry Potter – all the way!

Trisha: Smurfs 3-d. Particularly the scene where Brave Smurf (sporting a Scottish kilt) steps onto the ac vent and says something to the effect of “Ohh . . . this really cools the giblets!”

Wow. The fact Trisha's choice is the Smurfs isn't exactly a ringing endorsement of the choices Hollywood is making these days.

So that's it folks! Put your questions/feedback in the comment box and check in Monday to see if Melvin has chosen your name for a free query or first-three chapter critique. Good luck and thanks for playing! :))


Carrie Butler said...

Hah! I almost spit out my drink. "Cats stare and freak me out." Agreed.

Great interview, ladies! :)

Melodie said...

Oh Carrie! *hand on heart* Dogs poop everywhere. Love 'em but...they do.

Sarah Pearson said...

Congratulations guys, this book sounds great.

Pk Hrezo said...

Fun answers! I just can't wait to read Silo!!

cleemckenzie said...

Sounds like you did some excellent homework and that it paid off. I'd be inclined to read your dystopian since it explores human nature and is based on some reality. Very interesting.

Thanks for stopping in at the Write Game to say hi while you were on the Campaign trail. said...

Hi Melodie,
I'm a fellow campaigner making my way around various blogs. I enjoyed this as well as Freedom. I sent my middle child to high school this week and wow, kinder was so much easier!

Juliemybird said...

Hi, Melodie! This interview was fantastic and fun, and now I can't wait for SILO.

Also, I have to say, Palmer is my maiden name. I'm going to have to visit this Palmer, Alaska someday. :)

Melodie said...

Hello campaigners! Glad to see you. I'm looking fwd to getting to know you these next few months.

Bridget - I also have a high schooler and a middle getting this one out of the house was a reason for a happy dance!

Julie: come on up. You won't be disappointed - promise!

Alison Miller said...

Awesome revision and research advice! Thanks!