Aug 14, 2011

Best. Week. Ever.

I've been looking forward to this next week for MONTHS (okay, actually years. Five years and nine months to be exact) because three things happen. 1. My youngest goes to kindergarten. *dancing a jig while clacking castinets in one hand and swigging plastic cup of sparkly grape juice in the other* Words cannot convey my utter, complete, delirious sense of relief on that one but I'll sum up: he's a bonus baby. In every sense of the word. *sniff*

2. The WriteOnCon 2011 conference starts tomorrow. My so-far fav offering is the Ninja Agents forum, where we can all post our query letters and dozens of agents will randomly drop by and critique or request after reading. Seriously. Fabulous. There are a ton of other offerings - and a great recipe to quiet feed your starving kidlets while you are carrying around your laptop in a baby sling so you don't miss any virtual excitement. Be sure to sign up for the forums ahead of time. (Also follow them on Twitter bc that's where they're posting updates.) See you there!!

On Wednesday, I'm reviewing Little Princes: One man's promise to bring home the lost children of Nepal. Yes, this is a departure from my usual YA but this book literally brought me to my knees. All I can say about this one is a string of hyphenated words: life-checking, jaw-dropping, tear-inducing, attitude-changing. You. Must. Read.

Friday, I'm hoping the lovely Taryn of Teen Eyes, a teen critique service for all us

oldsters writing YA, will join me for a scintillating interview dissecting her life choices. Sounds fun, no? She's currently critiquing my WIP (because I won a FREE critique! ME! The eternal loser-of-all-contests!) and I can't wait to read how her comments line up with my other CPs.

Which brings me to the last reason I'm so excited about this week. I've been waiting to hear back from various CPs on Saving Andromeda and they're trickling in with all kinds of helpful comments and encouragement. I was a little worried I wouldn't be able to recapture my excitement about this MS since I've moved on to another creation but no! I LOVE this story. I want to dive into its world. That's a good sign...right?

So what are your tips for staying jazzed about your tattered, crying-out-for-revision MS? YA Muses has an awesome list I've been using but I'd love to hear your tips!


Anonymous said...

Big busy week for you. Good luck with the withdrawal symptoms (from your youngest of course : D )

julie fedderson said...

My first one goes to kindergarten tomorrow. I am at once stoked and heartbroken that he is growing up. Sniff, indeed.

E.R. King said...

My oldest goes into first grade, so he'll be gone ALL DAY. I've never spent that much time away from him. I'm not sure how I feel about it...mixed feelings. Good thing I still have two at home to keep my company! Have a great week!

Lisa L. Regan said...

You are hilarious. Great post.

Carrie Butler said...

Good luck sending the little one off to school and thanks for sharing about the conference! :)