The WIPs in my life

The Last Wishkeeper
W/C: 81000
Genre: YA fantasy

George has spent her whole life hiding what she is – a Wishkeeper, last in a line of women born to grant three wishes each year. The golden flecks in her skin that mark her untrained gift mean she should be in the service of Queen Scian, who stole the throne of the kingdom of Boldenwhite by burning rebellious Wishkeepers alive.

Now, the remaining Wishkeepers pay the penalty of their service: a slow rot, a black decay in their skin so hideous, it must be covered by veils and bonnets. Under Queen Scian, Wishkeepers have morphed into Cursekeepers, a fate that makes death look like a vacation.  

So George clings fiercely to the false identity created by her family. They’ve risked death by dismemberment for hiding her, and she’ll do nothing to compromise their safety.  After all, only they and one other – an orphan boy who vanished long ago – know what she really is. As long as she lays low, all should be well.

When she’s kidnapped by  the orphan boy, who claims he’s a  long-lost prince and that he needs her Wishkeeping gift to help him start a revolution, she has no intention of helping him.

But as the prince and his allies rescue refugees and uncover a plan to destroy a neighboring country, George realizes the Queen’s treachery reaches far beyond Boldenwhite’s borders. The prince’s dangerous plan could cost even more lives….or save them.

And George must decide if her allegiances lie with her family, and their life-long training to hide from danger….Or with the hope of a different future, one in which she gambles everything on a rebellion that could rid her world of a brutal Queen.

Life is full of deadly choices in The Last Wishkeeper, an 82,000-word YA fantasy stand-alone with series potential. It may appeal to fans of Juliet Marillier and Sarah J. Maas.