Sep 20, 2012

Friday funnies - Sept. 21

Definitive proof that good parents, RAP!


And even more definitive proof that cats are better than dogs. Oh, it is to laugh...

Got introvert?
Have a great weekend!




Suzi said...

Oh wow. I laughed at that parent rap one. Then I laughed even harder at the cat/dog one. There were tons of great lines in that clip. Think of all these great videos we wouldn't see if there was no internet. :)

Have a good weekend.

ilima said...

That last one happens to me all too often. And it's not that I'm antisocial, I'm just a homebody and would rather be writing. :)

Kimberly Gabriel said...

The cat and dog one cracked me up! Have a great weekend Melodie!

Amy L. Sonnichsen said...

I've seen the parenting rap and it is AWESOME!!

I had not, however, seen the cat/dog one. I'm laughing so hard I'm crying. Going to send this right now to my sister!!

And that last cartoon is totally me. ha ha!