Mar 9, 2012

Friday funnies

First time I've seen this clip featuring Johnny Depp confronting Ricky Gervais for his jokes on the Golden Globes.

And one of my all time favs from Talking Animals - The Bacon Dog.

Speaking of food, this isn't funny so much as COOL and GIMICKY in a temporarily awesome way. Meet: the Cupcake ATM:

Click on the video to get an idea of how the machine works. This first one is based in Beverly Hills, where people there apparently don't mind paying $4 for a cupcake from a sophisticated vending machine. 


M.J. Fifield said...

I love that clip of Johnny and Ricky. Too funny.

Daisy Carter said...

I love your Friday Funnies! Each week is better than the last!

Stephsco said...

Great posts! I love/hate Ricky; I want to love him because he's funny but sometimes he irks me. I'm glad he can make fun of himself enough to do spots like that with Johnny Depp.

'Cause hey. The Tourist was bad. BAD. It was literally shots of Angelina posing and Johnny Depp running around trying to make a deadweight caper make any sense.

Carrie Butler said...

Have a great weekend! :)

Angelica R. Jackson said...

Thank you for bringing that Ricky Gervais and Johnny Depp video to my attention! And I love the bacon one too, nearly wet myself the first time I watched it

K. Turley (Clutzattack) said...

Walmart has these cupcakes that look like little dogs or alligators. I'll spend $3-4 on them easily because they're cute, and I know they're loaded with frosting!

Melodie Wright said...

Hello MJ, Carrie, Daisy and Angelica!

Stephesco - I agree re: Ricky Gervais. His humor style is so snarky it kinda rubs off on his character.

K. Turley - would love to find food art that doesn't go overboard in some way. Seems like we sacrifice taste for prettiness sometimes.