Aug 23, 2012

Friday funnies - Aug. 24

I love the How It Should Have Ended Series. Especially this one:

Thinking of getting a beta or a critique? Check out YAStands - link in the sidebar - there's a list of us who love to beta. Then don't do this:
Discourged napping is totally missing from my process. *resolves to add*
 I always knew my cats weren't from here:
Lol via Blogsoup

 Have a great weekend!


Carrie Butler said...

"...And there was a lot of noise from construction going on next door and I was drunk at the time." LOL

Thanks for the laugh, Melodie. :)

Jolene Perry said...

THe creative process one is AWESOME.

I have days just like that.

Sometimes I have days that are like 90% inspiration - but I accomplish nothing else, and lose the ability to think coherent sentences that are not part of my MS

Lisa Regan said...

The Creative Process is hilarious!!! So very true.