Aug 5, 2012

Fact or Fiction Bloghop coming up!

Can you tell a great story, one that's so good, it's hard to tell if it's fact or fiction?
Next month, Emily King and I are hosting a bloghop where you'll share your favorite summer memory - whether it be hilarious, a comedy of errors, sweet-as-pie, adventurous or the kind of story you're glad to have over - as well as one that's pure fiction. Everyone else's job? To spot the fact from fiction. The writer who fools the most commentors wins the prize.

Confused? Let me break it into bullet points. (I love me some bullet points.)
  • Monday, Sept. 3: Post one summer story, true or false, it doesn't matter but it should be under 500 words.
  • Tuesday: Sept. 4: Hop to other participating blogs to check out your competition.
  • Wedesday, Sept. 5: Post your other summer story. If Monday's was your truth, have Wed. be your fiction story. Or vice versa. (Again, under 500 words.)
  • Thursday, Sept. 6: Hop to other participating blogs. Decide which one is true and which is false and put your vote in the comments of each entry.
  • Friday, Sept. 7: Your reveal. Tell us which story is true and which is false.
  •  Late Friday or early Saturday, Sept. 8: PRIZES!!! Emily and I are giving away FOUR total - two grand prizes for the stories that fool the most commentors; and two critiques for the runners up in each category. The PRIZES will be a book of your choice from lists Emily and I have compiled. My list will be Best Fall Fiction Reads, which I've previewed via ARCs and that come out starting next week. Emily's got a list of nonfiction books she's putting together.
  • In other words, I'll be awarding the writer who fools the most with his/her fiction - meaning most people thought it was true -  and Emily will be awarding the writer who fools the most with his/her nonfiction. The critiques will go to the runners up in each category.  Make sense?
No, the stories you share do not have to happen this summer. Reach back into your childhood for the best one as long as one of your stories is absolutely true. You're on the honor system here but we trust ya. ;)
Sound like fun? Sign up in the linky below. (It's working now! :) Then check back the third week of August. I'll be interviewing Sarah Rees Brennan, author of The Demon's Lexicon and Team Human, as well her newest release, UNSPOKEN, coming out next month (one of my faves). Then I'll post the list of hot fall fiction I recommend, which the fiction bloghop winner will choose from as his/her prize. Emily will post her nonfiction picks around the same time.

Questions? Post them in the comments. And we hope you'll join us next month!


Kyra Lennon said...

Yeah, I'm up for that! :D

Kyra Lennon said...

I can't enter because even though there is a link back to your blog on mine - the Linky List refuses to acknowledge it. :( I have never seen this requirement on a Linky sign-up before. I will try again later! :D

Kimberly Gabriel said...

Oh no! I can't sign up either - at least I'm not alone! I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong. ;) I'll be back! Sounds like a fun blog hop!

ilima said...

Count me in, this sounds like a blast. I had trouble signing up, too. Will try again later.

Carrie Butler said...

I wish my September wasn't going to be so busy. :( Good luck!

Nancy Thompson said...

Oh my gosh, that sounds like fun. But, ugh, I am so not clever enough to tackle that one. Can't wait to read the entries though.

Amy L. Sonnichsen said...

Excited!! :D

Deana said...

Aw bummer, I would do this is a second if it wasn't starting the same day as GUTGAA. I'm afraid I might bury myself too deep if I take on anything more than that in Sept:)