Aug 9, 2012

Friday funnies - Aug. 10

In case you missed Monday's post, there's a fact-or-fiction bloghop coming up next month. Go here to check it out.... and please join us!!

Speaking of fact-or-fiction, check out this link for one of those stories that's almost too cool to be true. It's about one of those chance meetings that can change the way you think.


                                  Am I the only one who thinks being able to force-choke someone would be a really handy skill? Esp. where one's teenagers are concerned...

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The Olympics of cat sleeping positions

Have a great weekend!


ilima said...

I KNEW they were the droids we were looking for...haha. Force-choked. I love it!

Kelley Lynn said...

Haha. I... don't know if I could eat that cake.

And I'm TOTALLY doing the blog hop!! Whoot, whoot!

Kimberly Gabriel said...

The first one is my fav too! I've been thinking all week about my fact vs fiction blurbs...I've always been TERRIBLE at this game - I'm forewarning you!

Lisa Regan said...

That Kirsch story gave me goosebumps! For real! Have a great weekend!