Feb 3, 2012

Friday funnies

Whew! Between avalanches and canceled/postponed trips and a snow/rain mix that made our roads up here (the ones that weren't blocked by avalanches) drive like underwater skating rinks, it has been quite a week. I could use a good laugh.

If you stopped by to check out the contest with my super agent, Tricia Lawrence, click here.

Otherwise, enjoy!

Ten things I learned from opening a bookstore - a funny/wry post on the vagaries of operating a literary business in a non-literary world.

Chuck Wendig fills you in on what you should know about literary agents.

And if your Sunday plans include a certain football game, the Washington Post has compiled a hit list of the best commercials you'll see. But you, lucky duck, get to see them now! Woo-hoo!

Finally, I had to copy "Sh*t Agents & Editors Say" because I loved it. I also love YA Highway's Fridays posts, which is worth a click here.  (Scroll down that page to see more funnies.)

On Monday, I'll post Tricia's interview for more info on what she's looking for. Until then, have a great weekend.

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Deana said...

Can't wait for the contest Melodie! And I cracked up over the Agents video:)