Jun 21, 2012

My so-called teenage life

Totally late posting this (working at day camp ALL week - crazy schedule right now!) but I wrote this diary entry at the beginning of my senior year. I'll make it short...I wrote a LOT in those days. Oh - and the Jeff in this entry is NOT my hubs. ;)

Aug. 29

Well, here I am again, starting another school year (my last in Indianola!) and the start of a new journal! Somehow the two events always seem to go together.
School started and boy is it weird being the oldest in the school system. Of course I'll get used to it - hey, I like it! :) That means there's no older guys around anymore, they're all in college. BOO HOO! I saw Jeff last weekend. At first it was strange. I didn't even want to kiss him (not at all the reaction I'd dreamed of!) but by Sunday I was all his again. And now he's at college and I miss him dreadfully. He's s'posed to call tomorrow on his parents' tab which means only ten minutes, then I call him. O dear, I hate it already.
My classes are on the easy side, although I think Ancient History with Harms will be a pain because he is a pain. Got all sorts of classroom procedures that are useless and had an assembly on being the best school in the state. (?) Anyway, this year's theme is "Bionic". Remember last year's "Prairie Chicken?" Well, now we have a "Bionic" staff and they wear buttons with that word on it to prove it. Whatever.

I love Jeff!

Oh my. I TOTALLY forgot about the prairie chicken theme of my junior year. Our principal read somewhere that, while eagles soar, prairie chickens run really fast (or something, I can't remember the analogy except it struck us all as weirdly hilarious at the time). And the principal decided that, since we lived in Iowa, we should aspire to be like the prairie chickens who can outrun eagles. It only lasted a year.
The BIONIC thing stood for something - of course, educators today still adore anagrams, and are still doing theme years in high schools. I'll have to ask my son what his was last year.

Have a great day!


Amy L. Sonnichsen said...

Oh man, this was awesome. I love how you're so mature and then you break out with an I LOVE JEFF! ha ha! And I love the part about how you didn't feel like kissing him and then later you "were all his." ha ha!

Thanks so much for participating, Melodie, especially with your crazy busy schedule. Good times!

Suzi said...

Oh man, Amy totally stole my thunder. I was just gonna say the same thing.

I was impressed with some of your phrases:
I miss him dreadfully
educators today still adore anagrams

You sounded very mature.

But then you have the Boo hoo. And the I totally forgot. And I love Jeff. Which sounds more like a teen again.


Krista McLaughlin said...

I didn't wanna kiss him... I love Jeff! Very funny. It sounds like a lot of my journal entries from that age, but I'm too embarrassed to put them up.

Teens are pretty funny like that. :)

Carrie Butler said...

Run, Melodie, run! Be like a prairie chicken! Haha! I love it. :D

Heather Murphy said...

This is so cute! It sounds a lot like me at that age. So, did you and Jeff stay together? Go Prairie Chickens!

Andrea said...

Oh the heart wrenching good-byes of long distance love...and long distance phone bills!

LisaAnn said...

"That means there's no older guys around anymore, they're all in college. BOO HOO!"

Hahaha, love this!

elizabeth seckman said...

You're a brave lady to share a diary page!

Julie DeGuia said...

Love the "dreadfully" and "O Dear." A great woe-is-me teenage voice - perfect!

KO: The Insect Collector said...

This is really funny...love it, especially the prairie chicken theme. You couldn't make that up!

Daisy Carter said...

What a great entry! My school didn't have themes :( I feel very cheated out of a chance to laugh at the faculty!

Faith E. Hough said...

Prairie chickens! That is awesome. :)

xoxo erin estella said...

What a fun blog!