Jan 7, 2012

Rebecca Hamilton and Immortal Ink Publishing

Yesterday, we learned all about Rebecca Hamilton's debut novel, The Forever Girl. It will be released later this month as the first of Immortal Ink Publishing's offerings. Rebecca will also act as the company's acquisition editor when they go live for queries in May. She talks about how that happened below, as well as tips for other aspiring self-publishers.

And don't forget, you can sign up here to get a .99 release copy of The Forever Girl. For every ten who sign up, Rebecca will give away one free e-book. So get your ereaders ready or dust off your bookshelves and sign up today for this exciting paranormal fantasy.

7.  You're also acquisition editor for Immortal Ink (using the name Shana Raywood). Is it weird being on the other side of the virtual desk? What's your goal for the company this year?

          We’re not open to queries yet, but we’ve gotten a few, including one person who became irate when I let him I know we weren’t open yet. So, is it weird? Not really. But sometimes it’s bizarre lol. We open for submissions in May, hopefully, and we’re excited about it! There’s so much talent out there. I hope some of them will consider submitting to us! Our goal this year is to publish around 6 books. Ultimately, we may publish as many as 12 books a year. We know that is LOT less than even the smallest of small publishers currently out there, but we want to really put everything we can into the books we do sign. This is, IMO, in everyone’s best interest. Authors deserve time and attention to their novels. Readers deserve a quality read—not just a selection of books thrown at the wall to see what sticks. And we deserve to not run ourselves into the ground!

8. Your blog has a lot of visual effects - moving words, a great book trailer. Do you have a background in design or computer graphics? If not, how did you learn to do all the cool technical stuff you do?

You’re too funny! Google is my friend. I have no background in graphic design, but I used to do photography and I do ENJOY graphic design. I think I have a knack for it, but I was never sure until you just confirmed J There’s a lot of tutorials out there. I’m also very picky and very stubborn and I refuse to give up until I figure out how to get something done.

9.   Getting back to The Forever Girl - your launch is very soon. What kind of publicity do you plan?
          I’ll be doing a blog tour in January, and I might have a twitter release party, too. I’ve also arranged for some book bloggers to receive free copies of my book for review. I hope word of mouth will spread and I hope that word of mouth will be from happy readers! I am also looking into some forms of advertising. This will be a learning experience to see what pays off. Having wonderful bloggers like yourself invite me to yammer on is a great help, too. I can’t thank you enough for having me here!

10.  It's obvious you'll have a lot to juggle in the coming months. What's your strategy to keep your creativity while wearing so many business/creative genius hats?

       All I can do is keep a reasonable schedule. Try what works and rearrange things if things are too much of a struggle. I try not to overdo it. I tell myself I don’t have to do everything every day. That helps keep me from getting to stressed. I try to keep time for writing, time for editing, time for marketing, and so on. And, of course, time for family, which I’ve mentioned last but always comes first.

Fast five - New Year version

Pumpkin pie or chocolate cream pie?
Chocolate Cream!

Me, too! *gains 5 lbs just thinking about it*

Favorite read of 2011?
Amy L Kinzer’s Girl Over the Edge, available on Amazon for only .99!

Proudest moment?
           When my oldest son started showing an ability to respond to frustrations in a healthy way. It’s still a battle for him, but I’m so proud every time he is able to overcome his immediate reaction and make a good-but-hard choice to stay in control.
          Also when my daughter made the gymnastics team at her gym. I’m proud of her because not only did she do so from practicing ALL the time (and she will tell you this much herself) but also because I knew it was a big girl step for her to accept the invitation. She loved her coach in her little girl class, who wouldn’t be in the big girl class. It’s why she didn’t move up when she was first ready to move up. But she ultimately decided she wanted to be there for the sport. She also started trying to make friends with the girls on her new team, which is great!
         I’m also proud  that my youngest is potty trained now and has finally stopped smearing poop on the walls. That was a long two and half year phase!

Wow - 2.5 years of poop for wall paper? I hate to think what that child's teen years will be like. :)

The time you almost quit?
         I am very persistent and refuse to give up even when it would probably be better if I did. I think it drives my husband and everyone else around me crazy, as they tell me to stop trying to do impossible things. I just keep insisting it IS possible and I’m going to do it. Then, eventually, I get it done. It doesn’t stop them from trying to talk sense into me the next time, though.

Top goal for 2012?
          I want to read more. I looked at how few books I read this year compared to all the years before, and I realized that I’d been so busy working that I’d stop making time to just relax and do something I love. In 2012, I want to read at least 1 book a month. It’s not as much as I used to read, but it’s a sad year for me that in 2011 I didn’t even read that much. 2012 will be much better!

I agree! Thanks for stopping by, Rebecca and best wishes for your debut and your new editing gig.


Laura said...

Wow - sounds like that gal's in for an exciting year! i'm looking forward to having a read of the book - let me know if there's anyway I can help spread the word at Daily Dodo

Great interview!
Laura x

Becca said...

Hi Laura! Great to meet you :)