Jan 1, 2012

Logline and first 250-word critiques

This week, I'm hosting critiques for nonwinning (adult genre) entrants to the Baker's Dozen auction, hosted by Miss Snark's First Victim last month. Five brave souls have volunteered to have their words ripped apart  analyzed. Helpful suggestions ONLY please! Our aim, as always, is to encourage each other.

If your post is below, please comment on all the others. If you're just stopping by, we'd love to hear constructive criticism on how to polish these entries to a shine. And do swing by the lovely Lauren's blog, as she's hosting additional entries for critique over there.

Coming up: on Friday and Saturday, my interview with Rebecca Hamilton will post. She's a debut author of The Forever Girl, as well as acquisition editor for the fledgling Immortal Ink Publishing. She's going to be giving away a fantabulous prize you won't want to miss.


Deana said...

You're awesome to do this Melodie! I can't wait until it is time for the YA to get a go at this:)

Angela Cothran said...

Melodie, thanks for joining the character blogfest. I think it will be tons of fun :)