Mar 7, 2013

Friday funnies- March 8

The Alaska version... - Baby

I wore a T-shirt and jeans the other day outside bc it felt like spring. It was 37 degrees. ALSO: the Iditarod is going on now in Alaska. Check out this site for some great photos:

Odd that my life hasn't changed much since I was an undergrad.

In my case, it's the blank looks.


Love this: Vermeer, Updated
Vermeer updated.

And...yes. I'm told someday I'll be nostalgic about these times.

Kids in the kitchen...hahaha! I needed this laugh today!

Have a great weekend!


Suzi said...

That last one is a perfect representation of my life now. My plates are the same though so it's usually cups. I got smart though.

We have the plastic kids cups, and I have at least two of each color. So I usually give them the same color cup.

The older child doesn't care, but the younger (dramatic little girl) always seems to want the color her brother has. Today blue is her favorite color. Tomorrow red will be, because her brother has that color cup.

Problem solved now. Same colored cups!

Happy Friday.

ilima said...

The first and last ones are so so true. Ha!

Nicole said...

The first one is hilarious.

Amy L. Sonnichsen said...

Thank you for that last one. I laughed so hard I had to bring it downstairs to show my husband. :) "I wanted the green plate!" I'm so glad we're not the only family who get to hear that on a DAILY BASIS!!

Jess said...

Awesome, as usual :) My favorites are the turned-around mystery books and the mom/kid ones. I had the exact same thought as the cucumber scene yesterday when my girl was making a pb&j sandwich. She was taking FOREVER to spread the peanut butter and the baby was crying and it took all I had not to just do it for her...

Elizabeth Seckman said...

Love the book shelf. Too funny. And the one about the kids is sadly so true!