Mar 14, 2013

Friday funnies - March 15

Motto of the day: Beware the goat that spits.

Have a great weekend!


Suzi said...

Love the cranky old goat. Wish I could understand what the guy's saying.

It was kinda funny when I first looked at the picture of the still video, I didn't see the goat.

I don't have my contacts in. One eye is worse than the other, but I can read because the right/better eye does the work. If they were both like my left, I would only be able to read if the text was 2" from my face.

So anyway, my eyes focused on the muzzle?/nose of the goat. And the goat looked like some freaky nasty gorilla. I can still see it when I look.

So the white part of the muzzle?/nose is the face. And the gorilla creature's face is lowered so that his head is level with the shoulders.

The nostrils look like eyes, there's a small line under them that curves and looks like a nose. And the mouth... looks like the mouth.

So the way the hair is laying on the goat's neck and w/the shadows, below the fence it looks like the legs.

The horns look like the arms that he's flapping around in the air.

The hair on his head looks like hair on the back, cause the gorilla creature is lowering his head to growl.

So I swear that's what I saw when I first looked. Then I saw the words spitting goat and i'm like huh? And took another look, and then I'm like oh yeah.

Maybe it's cause i've been looking at optical illusions w/my son this week where you have to focus in on a spot and kinda ignore the periphery.

Can you see what I saw at all?

Nicole said...

That last one has a bit too much truth in it. ;)

Jess said...

Ha! Thanks for the smiles, as usual :)