Oct 3, 2011

Winner, a festy button and upcoming (secret) interview

I poked Melvin the Magic Hat awake this morning and he spat out the name of:

which is very appropriate bc Deana is a Queen Blogger in her own right. She and the awesome Emily Rittel-King are hosting a Killer Characters blogfest at the end of the month. They've got prizes, multiple days to hop and lots of fun going on. Do check them out.

Which brings me to another blogfest coming up. *looking right* Do you see that shiny new button over there? Carrie Butler, Lisa Regan and I are hosting a one-post fest that same week. What does that mean, you ask? It means you post once then hop around to see everyone else's on the same topic during the week. So you'll still have plenty of time to get your creep on, if you so desire. The linky will up next week at Carrie's site bc she's a comment magnet. (A magnet, I say.) I'll explain it more fully next Monday but let me just say two three words: virtual dress up.

Speaking of casting call, this week (hopefully) I'll be hosting an interview with another QB* who just sold her first book and is already on sub with another of a different genre. She is quirky, witty and totally on the literary ball. I've been on awe of her for months and am honored she's gracing my site with her wisdom. Her identity will be revealed later this week (hopefully) but let me just say two words: goat posse; and share a graphic:

Finally, I was thwarted this weekend in my attempts to comment on my blog rounds. Blogger kept erasing my comment as soon as I pressed 'comment.' *frustrated frown* Has that ever happened to you? Because it's STILL happening. I've even tried different computers (we have three at my house) and nothing works. Helpful hints are humbly accepted.

*Queen Blogger


Carrie Butler said...

Great teaser for Casting Call, Melodie! (Though, I'm still not convinced of this magnet business...) *grins*

You know, Blogger and I have squared off in the past. Usually, weird little glitches like that resolve themselves in a day or two. You might want to try to make rounds again, just to see if anything has changed.

I'm looking forward to reading your secret interview! :)

Sarah Pearson said...

If your secret interview is who I think it is, that should be fun :-)

E.R. King said...

Yeah for Deana! Thanks for the shout out for the blogfest, Melodie! I'm going to check out yours now.

Lynda R Young said...

yes, blogger often fails at allowing comments to go through. Often refreshing works... or waiting.

Congrats to Deanna.

Nancy Thompson said...

Lisa asked me about this bloghop a few weeks ago and I said I'd try to participate, if I'm capable, that is. As for Blogger bumping you off while commenting, yes, it happened to me 3 times in the last week. Very frustrating since most of my comments are written on my dinky little iPhone keypad.

Melodie Wright said...

Carrie: a magnet, I say!

Sarah: was I too obvious? *bats eyes*

Emily: I couldn't resist the shout out - your fest is a great idea!

Lynda: I'm magically unblocked - blogger strikes again.

Nancy: I hope you can participate. It's only one post...and it's a ridiculous amount of fun!

Alison Miller said...

Yeah, it is still happening to me, but only with certain blogs. idk why.

And sounds like a totally cool blog fest! Must check it out!

Anita Grace Howard said...

Wow, what a great casting call button! LOVE that. :) And hmmmm ... goat posse. You're a brave soul for mentioning that on your blog. People have found themselves inducted for much lesser allusions. Hee.

As to the comment madness? YES. Mine's been doing the exact same thing. And I noticed it's still happening today. Grr. But I've realized that if I'm logged in on google before I try to comment, it doesn't happen. It's just some weird glitch that I hope they fix soon. I wonder how people who don't have a google ID are able to comment on blogger, otherwise?

cleemckenzie said...

Blogger often gives me fits. I'm just too lazy or too busy to change. Besides, the next day it often behaves very nicely,

Congrats to Deana. And good luck on that bloghop.

Peaches Ledwidge said...

Just acquainting myself with your blog.

Jolene Perry said...

No ideas on the commenting thing. Sorry.
Blogger did that to me for a while, and then it just stopped. I have NO idea why.

cleemckenzie said...

Low points are there for a reason and here's proof. Up. Up. Up from that bottom!

Congratulations and I know you'll keep going.