Jul 28, 2011

Upcoming interviews

It is gorgeous here in Alaska today, folks. For those of you swelting away in the Lower 48, you have my sympathies. I'm shoving my writing sked to later tonight and heading to the lake with the kiddies but before I go, I wanted to share two awesome writers who've agreed to put up with answer my intellectually stimulating and personally invasive questions.

First up next week will be The Query Goblin, aka, JJ DeBenedictis. Send her any and all queries here and she'll rip them to shreds with her helpful advice. Seriously, she's extremely gentle and always has useful suggestions.

Then I'll be finding out how Becky Wallace landed her agent. She hooked the lovely Jennifer Laughran at Andrea Brown Literary *jealous* and is willing to share her experiences despite being crazy busy.

So do check in next week and in the meantime, check out these ladies' most perspicacious blogs.

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