Jul 16, 2013

Summer update and the new non-schedule

We have returned! Sun-burned, slightly fatter and a bit morose at facing the last few weeks of summer. I'm back in the classroom on August 8 but planning for next year begins much earlier...in fact, I'm already obsessing about schedules, curriculum, field trips, etc.

But FIRST: an announcement. Last month I signed with agent Marcy Posner of FolioLiterary Management for my YA mystery set in Alaska. She's incredibly experienced and has a lot of enthusiasm for this story. I can't wait to benefit from her awesomeness.

You're probably thinking: wait. What? You have TWO agents? Si. Deux. One-two.

Well, how will this work? you may ask.  Who will get what?

To which I say: I have no idea. We'll take it one story at a time.

Speaking of the business-of-writing, signs point to next year being a particularly challenging one for me, both professionally and personally. Between work, family and my writing goals, it's clear I'm not going to have time to juggle this blog as well. I will attempt to keep up with Friday funnies but there will be weeks when I cannot. I LOVE visiting all your blogs and keeping up with everyone's news, but I'm resuming lurker mode...with TWO exceptions.

One: I will eventually need beta readers for my newest WIP, a YA sports contemp about an elite diver attempting to qualify for the Olympic trials. It's waiting on a revision but it'll be ready for eyes eventually. I'm happy to swap as long as you 1. have a thick skin because this isn't your first MS and 2. it isn't more than 90K and 3. you aren't in a big hurry. 4. it isn't paranormal. I especially love mysteries, thrillers, adventures and anything set in a foreign land so if that sounds like your MS, send me an email at rewrighter (at) gmail (dot) com.

Two: if your book birthday is nearing, drop me a line. I'm happy to promote as best I can! We need to stick together! I'll continue to promote books I love on GoodReads - if you use that site, be sure to friend me, okay?

Happy summer,


Emily R. King said...

Huge congrats! I'm sure Marcy will find a great home for your mystery set in Alaska. I would love to read it!

Suzi said...

Boy, some of us can't even find one agent and you're snapping up two. Not fair. :)

Congratulations though, that's pretty cool. You have two terrific agents.

And I can't believe you start on the 8th. We have about 6 weeks left and that first day is slowly creeping up.