May 10, 2013

Where I've been...

I've been gone all week so no Friday Funnies - sorry! Instead, here are a few pictures of my trip with the seventh grade class to Seldovia. It's an Alaskan village off the grid - meaning no roads, only ferry and plane service. Although I usually don't share much of my alter-ego teaching life in this blog, not many outsiders get to this part of the state. Enjoy!

My daughter, clamming

Two sea otters. They were playing really loudly in the water.

Leathery sea star

Some of our 7th graders....

A pair of very noisy eagles, staking their claim. It's the start of the breeding season and eagles
were everywhere, fighting over territory.

My daugher and I, getting covered in mud while clamming. We got 62!

Have a great weekend!


Kristi said...

Such great photos! It's beautiful out there...thanks for sharing!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Suzi said...

Sounds like a fun time. I hope I can make it to Alaska sometime.